Office for Mac 2019 License Installer

2020年7月21日08:09:01 3 145

This is a tool for activating your Mac version of Office 2019.

If you downloaded the genuine Mac Office 2019 just like me, but you didn't include an activation tool in it.

Or if you used the TimeMachine to restore the application and lost the activation information, then this tool is right for you.

I have provided the activation tool for this software separately, so you do not need to download the complete installation package + activation tool again.

This tool is collected on the internet. If infringe your rights, please contact me. I will delete it.


Need Office for Mac 2016 License Installer ? Please click the link.

文件下载 Resource Name: Office for Mac 2019 License Installer Platform: Mac Version: Unkown Size:3.6M


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